Matchens spelarprofil – Celia

Möt Celia Jiménez Delgado, 23 år, offensiv back och rymdingenjör!
Intervjun genomfördes på engelska.

Welcome to Malmö, Celia Jiménez Delgado, what do you think of FC Rosengård so far?
– Thank you, I am really happy to be here in Malmö playing for FC Rosengård. Initially, I was surprised by the team’s style of play, it is quite similar to the Spanish possession style of play. Rosengård likes to keep the ball on the ground and build from defense. Practices are intense and the players are motivated to grow and fight as a team.

Have you found any sweet spot in Malmö yet?
– I haven’t had much time in the city yet. I have been practicing, competing or traveling in and out of the country most of the time, so I am open to some suggestions! I do like the fact that most people bikes around the city. I have the freedom to go wherever I want whenever I want, without having to worry about parking or hours.
Congratulations to you and the Spain national team, who reached the World Cup in France next year. What can you say about the qualification games?
– Thank you! The team has been working hard for several years. The philosophy of the national team is the same from youth teams to the senior team. Most of our senior team players has been representing our country since U17 or U19 so we are pretty familiar with the style of play and what we want to accomplish. This system is giving us really good results, the U20 ended up 2nd in the world cup this summer and the senior team qualified for the World Cup next summer with 8 victories out of 8 games. We are confident on our game, but we still know there is room for growth. We are excited about learning and keep getting better as a team.
You came to FC Rosengård from Seattle, USA and you have lived in the States for a couple of years. If you compare, what’s the difference between American and Swedish football?
– I have been studying in the US for five years, and have competed in NJCAA and NCAA. The population, and therefore the number of players that compete in the states is a great advantage with respect to any smaller country. Universities highly promote the practice of sports, both females and males equally. They invest and take initiative to make the best out of their athletes. In the other hand, some Swedish players have the opportunity to be surrounded by a professional environment at much younger age, which allows them to compete and experience that intensity and discipline.
You studied aerospace engineering at Alabama university! Tell us about that!
– Since I was a little kid, I have been passionate about science, math and physics. I used to love disabling and rebuilding all kinds of old telephones and hair driers. I always knew I wanted to be an engineer, but it wasn’t until High School that I found my love for planes and rockets. I found the idea of fighting the law of gravity mind blowing! I graduated from Aerospace engineering in May, from the University of Alabama and my final project was the design and manufacture of a VTOL (vertical take off and landing) aircraft, half plane – half dron.
You are a speedy, technical defender. Is there anything you can improve in?
– Absolutely! I always think there is room for growth. I take responsibility on my performance and want to help the team as much this season. I have the opportunity to step on the practice field everyday with some of the best players in the world and with a great couching stuff. I try to take advantage of it and keep developing as player.
What is your personal goal for the coming year?
– To be in the best possible conditions to compete and perform in the league and at the World Cup.

FAVORITE FOOD: Love trying typical things from each country! Spain – tortilla de patatas (potatoes omelette), Sweden – meat balls.
MOVIE TIP: Inception
MY BEST VACATION IS IN…: Puerto Rico. Non stopping adventure and tons of nature!
A GOOD BOOK: The Moment by Douglas Kennedy

Inför varje hemmamatch producerar Jeanette Rosengren, Urszula Striner och Jörgen Bergkvist matchprogrammet. Det innehåller förutom laguppställningar och bilder även intervjuer med personer som har FCR-koppling. Vi publicerar dessa artiklar även här på hemsidan, så att fler får möjlighet att läsa dom.
Matchprogrammet är från matchen mot Kristianstad som slutade 3-0 efter mål av Glódis, Celia (hennes första mål för FCR) och Anja.